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Brand & product Positioning

Digital media planning & execution

Social media consultancy


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Our Packages

# 1


The Prada PR Package is ideal for small businesses, organizations with narrowly defined PR needs and companies with in-house marketing resources.

  • Communications Audit

  • Communications Targeting

  • Client Meetings & Strategic Counsel

  • Social Media Enhancement & Coaching

  • Targeted Media Outreach

How it Works
We start every relationship by first understanding what’s most important to you and your organization including your goals, needs and expectations. We work to understand your audience, reputation and history of communications. We familiarize ourselves with your communications tools, analyze your challenges and opportunities, and provide strategic direction for accomplishing your objectives. We provide coaching and assistance as-needed to grow audience engagement, increase conversions and contribute to your organizational success.


MICHAEL BENT INC. Level of Engagement

We work best when our clients see us as an extension of their team. More face-to-face interaction is helpful in the beginning of a client engagement while we’re learning about an organization and its specific needs. Once we’ve established a flow and work is underway, we remain in regular contact. MICHAEL BENT INC. average monthly commitment for the Basic Package is 20 - 30 hours of professional service.

More Options

One size does not fit all and no two clients are alike. We understand that while your budget may match the Basic Package, your PR needs may not. Once we understand your budget and PR goals, we can tailor a scope of work to meet your expectations.


# 2


The Hermès PR Package is ideal for mid-sized businesses and organizations looking to establish a strong reputation to stand out from the competition and maximize opportunities in a rapidly changing marketplace.

  • *All Basic Package Services*

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Communications Planning

  • Website Analysis & SEO

  • Content Marketing Assistance & Coaching

  • Media Relations

How it Works

As with the Basic Package, we work closely with your team and take your objectives on as our own. We study your competition and find opportunities for differentiation, brand-building and effective audience engagement. Together we develop effective messages and an easy-to-execute strategic plan designed for consistency, impact and accomplishing your organizational goals.



MICHAEL BENT INC Level of Engagement

Much of the work involved in the Hermès PR Package requires frequent contact and coordination. This level of engagement is most successful when we are able to meet face-to-face on a weekly basis for the first couple of months. As regular coordination is established, bi-weekly face-to-face meetings can help the teams stay connected. MICHAEL BENT average monthly commitment for the Enhanced Package is 30-45 hours of professional service.

More Options

While the Hermès PR Package may fit the level of service you’re looking for, we understand the specific service examples may not. Once we understand your need, we can craft a scope of work that meets your expectations and fits within your budget.



# 3

Our Louis Vuitton PR Package is designed for highly-visible clients who need help managing an issue, preparing for a crisis or repairing a reputation.

  • *Relevant Basic & Enhanced Package Services*

  • Internal Communications

  • Reputation Management

  • Issues Management

  • Digital Communications Management


How it Works

PR service needs vary with clients that require this level of package. Once we understand your specific needs and issues, we will develop a tailored scope of work and assist where needed.


MICHAEL BENT INC. Level of Engagement

Louis Vuitton PR Package clients require more hands-on assistance and frequent contact. MICHAEL BENT INC PR will be available, as-needed, to provide strategic counsel and manage communications with internal audiences, the media and the public.

Specific needs may include:

  • Qualitative Research

  • Crisis Communications Plan Development

  • Message Development

  • Internal Communications

  • Media Training

  • Media Outreach

  • Editorial Relations

  • Community Relations